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Recent Articles

  1. Kyushu-Bicycle-Ride

    Jun 16, 17 11:44 AM

    Our Kyushu-Bicycle-Ride served as our introduction to wonderful Japan.

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  2. Yeonghae-Busan-Bicycle-Ride

    Jun 13, 17 11:05 AM


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  3. Seoul-Yeonghae-Bicycle-Ride

    Jun 11, 17 09:18 AM

    The beautiful Seoul-Yeonghae-Bicycle-Ride east from Seoul and slightly north to Chuncheon, then turning south west following rivers, gorges and mountain passes to the east coast at Yeonghae-Myeon.

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  4. Rolloff oil change; Santos

    Mar 21, 16 09:50 AM

    Item 2 Bicycles-Gears: * the Rolloff gear box requires oil change every 5000 km, not already after 1000 km. * Santos is a high-end Dutch bike brand, not

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  5. Coast to Coast for mountain bikers: St Bees to Ennerdale alternative route - better than tarmac!

    Feb 05, 15 07:37 AM

    Most mountain bikers are unintentionally misled into supposing that the ride from St Bees to Ennerdale must be ridden almost entirely on tarmac. This is

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  6. The Dent Day, as it has affectionately become known.

    Feb 18, 14 01:44 AM

    I was woken once or twice in the night by the sound of the wind gusting in the trees around us. They were serious gusts and I was a bit concerned when

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  7. Cycle Albania to Greece starting in Dubrovnik and ending at Lefkas

    May 06, 13 04:44 PM

    The final stages of our cross Europe ride taking us from Albania to Greece.

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  8. Cycle Cambodia - Temples, rivers, history and wonderful people.

    May 06, 13 04:42 PM

    Cycle Cambodia from the Thai Border via Battambang, Siem Reap, Angkor Wat, Phnom Penh, Kampot and arriving in Vietnam at Ha Tien.

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  9. Cycle Romblon and Masbate away from the main tourist trails.

    May 06, 13 04:41 PM

    Cycling Romblon and Masbate takes you off the main tourist routes, which makes the ride all the more intruiging.

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  10. Cycle the Central Visayas at the heart of the Philippines.

    May 06, 13 04:40 PM

    Our tour of the Visayas completes in the Central Visayas Through Cebu,Bohol and the lesser isles.

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