There are different types of Web Logs or Blogs, to use the abbreviated form. We currently have two.

Web Site Log

This is a log of a change that is made to any page within the site. It provides a quick summary of any changes to the site without you having to trawl through all the pages. 

It can also include additional news items that we feel may be worthy of passing on to our readers. Such items may concern our travels, anything else to do with the cycling or the World in general. 

You can subscribe to an automated update to view in your news reader or by email.

Daily Journal

Our daily journal is a log of our riding and other activities on a day to day basis. Once we have completed a part of a tour we use the content of our Journal to create unique web pages about that tour which then add to our Tours page. 

Open our Daily Journal in a separate window. 

You can subscribe to our Daily Journal once you have opened it.

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