Links to Other Like Minded Cyclists or Groups

Capers of Capers

Chris set off to cycle from Aberdeen, UK to Bussan in Korea, doing some teaching in Russia along the way, but decided that hew wanted to continue cycling so his trip has extended to a round the world marathon.

2 Play On Earth

Philipp and Valeska Schaudy from Austria have been cycling the countries of the World for over five years and have a wealth of touring expereience in some of the most difficult areas of the World.

Down The Road

Tim Travers of the USA has toured extensively throughout the World and has already written three books about his travels.  Tim documented his entry into world of  global adventure touring in his first book The Road That Has No End  Although we had been harbouring ideas of extended cycle touring for a long while, it was reading this book that finally convinced us that we could do it.  It would be a couple more years before we  committed to our own adventure and in the meantime I also read TimĀ“s second book Down the Road in South America.  Since then he has now published a third book Down the Road in Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam

Cycling The 6

Dr. Stephen Fabes is cycling around the world and across six continents over six years. The site is both the story of his journey and preparation but also a good resource for anyone else planning a cycle tour. Stephen has already raised over 19,000 pounds for charitable causes through his riding and is now an established writer and public speaker.

Travelling Two

Friedel & Andrew Grant have ridden their bicycles about 60,000km, through 33 countries. That was their total up until 2010. In 2011, they simply stopped counting and just concentrated on having fun. Their site is all about inspiring and helping others to get out and travel by bike as well.  

Wuthering Bikes

We met Steve and Guy whilst touring around New Zealand and cycled with them for a few days. They both have a wicked sense of humour and their blog is worth a read.