World Bicyle Tour Equipment Reviews

We spent ages choosing our equipment in the months before we left.

In fact it was probably the most enjoyable part of the planning. We looked at all sorts of kit and read loads of reviews, books and personal stories of other travelers. Myriads of questions entered our thoughts.

We already had experience with some of the stuff we took with us, having already tried it out on previous rides. Some of it was brand new to us and we only had chance to really try it once we had set off.

It is certainly easier to review and buy gear before you leave, but you really do not know how good it is until you really try it out in practice. Ou reviews are not highly technical, but just down to earth advice on the good and the bad points that we have found from personal experience.

There are some good guides and books in the market place that give general information. We have chosen to provide more dedicated information relating to our own selections.

We have prepared a pdf document of our kit list for you to download and print. There are some key items of course that deserve special discussion. So we have created dedicated pages that you can select through the normal navigation buttons or link below to:

Having now covered over 30,000 kilometers, we have accrued a lot more experience with our gear, so we have added further information regarding performance.

We would love to hear from you if you have tips about specific items. Please go to our Share Your Tips Page and fill on one of our forms.

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