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Share it all! Bicycle touring is growing in popularity, be it for weekend rides, holiday tours or long term, life changing adventures. There are many websites and books on the subject, but every single cyclist has his or her own view of things as well as unique situations that nobody else has experienced. 

Through our Worldwide cycling adventures and our web site, we aim to promote the cause of cycle touring to more people, so that they too can experience the freedom and education that only being on the road can provide. 

We have created topical pages for visitors contributions: 


We have posted most of our more recent rides on this site (see our Tours pages), but we know there are lots of other riders out there, each with their own favourite routes or trails. Why not upload your own favourite route here, for the benefit of other tourers. We and they would appreciate it.

It doesn't matter if it is just a day trip or longer. If its interesting our readers want to know about it. So have a go.


Whether we are on the road or just planning for our next ride we are always scanning the Internet for new information and tips on bicycle touring and so are most of World's touring cyclists. No matter how trivial it may seem, somebody out there will find it of value. If you have got some pointers that people would find of benefit please enter them into one of our Share Your Tips forms.

Funny Stories

Laughter makes the World go around. For sure it certainly lightens the day and can turn a negative situation into a positive one. We have experienced lots of funny and sometimes surreal situations as we have travelled. We would love to hear of your own funny or simply weird experiences. If they make us laugh we will put them on our web site for others to appreciate. So spread a bit of laughter and tell us your story.

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