Prop Stands: Click-stand



It is only when you have a fully loaded bike that you realise how difficult it is to prop it against something or to stop the front wheel
swiveling around when you least want it to, usually causing you to castrate yourself on the cross bar or crush your leg against the front

We found some prop stands to fit to the frame next to the bottom
bracket, they weren't very good as they didn't fit properly and kept
coming loose.

"Let's ask Thorn. They'll be able to recommend something", but they
wouldn't . Not only did they refuse to recommend a stand, but said that
using one would void their warranty, as with a fully loaded bike they
can cause the frame to twist.

We hunted around on the internet and eventually found the Click
Stand, made by a one man business in Canada. We ordered a couple and
they are excellent. Each stand is made to fit your frame size and also
comes with two ingenious elastic bands that you use to keep your brakes
applied, stopping the bike from moving.

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