Rear View Mirror: Take-a-Look

Take a Look Rear View Mirror

Take a Look Rear View Mirror

Having a good rear view is an essential part of safe cycling, particularly when making any sort of maneouver.

Finding cheap, effective rear view mirrors can be a thankless task. Bike mounted mirrors often suffer from vibration and are vulnerable to breakage. Similarly helmet mounted mirrors are easily broken and if you are one of those that doesn't wear a helmet they are an irrelevence.

We hunted around and tried several mirrors, eventually alighting upon the Take A Look bike mirrors, which we have been using for the last five years. The Take a Look is avery simple, but elegant construction having a small plane, plastic mirror mounted on a wire frame. The mirror can rotate in two planes and can be adjusted forward or backwards to suite the rider. It fits simply onto the riders glasses and is adjusted so that the rider can take a quick look behind before taking a longer look over his/her sholder.

It can be ordered riding on the left or right. Although it is not indicated in the instructions it is easily possible to bend the frame to adapt the mirror to the other side. For sure this would void any warranty, but we have changed ours over several times without any signs of fatigue.

These are without doubt the best mirrors we have found and very good value at the price.

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